"Larry Mullins and Dr. Meredith Sprunger's A History of the Urantia Papers is by far the clearest, most carefully researched and documented history of The Urantia Book yet to appear in print. Their team explores the inconsistencies in the 'official' story, removing much of the fog from the speculative windows through which the formative events of the readership community have been traditionally viewed. The careful review of the process by which changes have been made to the text between printings as well as the concluding analysis of Urantia Foundation's use of 'messages' as a means of attempting to establish proprietary control over the revelation border on shocking and raise questions which cry out for answers. This is a must-read for any serious student of the fifth epochal revelation."

David Kantor
Chairman: International Fellowship Committee, The Urantia Book Fellowship

From the Introduction:
"Many members of the Urantian community on both sides of the Atlantic have so far suffered the consequences of an 'official,' biased interpretation of the events leading to the materialization, authorship, and controlled dissemination of the Papers, and find them unacceptable. It is my experience, being a Spanish reader of the Papers acquainted with this issue, that due to the lack of a sound narrative, many members of the Spanish Urantian community are being deceived by a misleading, undocumented interpretation of the origins of the Papers. Mullins' dissemination and translation into different languages of his competing, well-founded version of the facts will, of course, not be welcomed by the 'establishment' with its vested interest in its 'rightness,' but it will open the eyes of many readers around the world."

Ángel F. Sánchez-Escobar, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University, Seville, Spain

"Thank You! I am glad I lived to see this work published!"

Helena Sprague
Trustee Emeritus, Urantia Foundation, 4/12/85 - 7/7/89

"The Urantia Papers, published as "The Urantia Book," constitute an epochal revelation of spiritual truth to our beleaguered planet ("Urantia"). There is a mystery associated with the origin of the Papers, a mystery which has given rise to much controversy, confusion, and misinformation, both innocent and scurrilous. In "A History of the Urantia Papers," Larry Mullins, assisted by Dr. Meredith Sprunger, presents the most complete, thoroughly researched, well-documented, cogently-structured, and intelligently-argued account of the Urantia Papers and what people have done with them that we are likely to get in this world. This History is a must for students of The Urantia Book and a great service to our planet."

Daniel Love Glazer

"Larry Mullins and Dr. Meredith Sprunger have provided the peoples of Urantia with a wonderfully historical resource surrounding the evolution and early dissemination of the Urantia Papers and Urantia Book dating back to 1906. This inspired accounting will assist every reader towards gaining a more holistic perspective of the individual and collective activities required to bring to print this Fifth Epochal Revelation for all humanity. A must read for all Urantia Book readers and perhaps more importantly, required reading for all earth travelers."

Gary McSweeney