Larry MullinsLarry Mullins was handed a 1955 first printing of The Urantia Book in 1968 by an advertising colleague, Clyde Bedell. Bedell was a member of the original Forum that helped publish the Urantia Papers as a book. Larry is author of Jesus: God & Man (1976), the first derivative work to be accepted for publication by Urantia Foundation. He has served the Urantia movement as President of the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma, and eight years as a General Councilor for Urantia Brotherhood. He is a noted public speaker and the author of several books on the Self- Actualization process including Immature People with Power: How to Handle Them and most recently: The MetaValues Breakthrough. In reference to writing this book, Larry believes A History of the Urantia Papers is the achievement of a team of dedicated Urantians. He adds that he is fortunate that his wife, Joan Batson Mullins, a long-time student of the Urantia Papers, worked so hard and contributed so enthusiastically to this project. Joan and Larry live in St. Augustine Florida. Larry is CEO of UltraSales, Inc., a nationally syndicated advertising and marketing business.

Dr. Meredith SprungerDr. Meredith Justin Sprunger has had a remarkable career as a college president, professor, and executive administrator, a licensed psychologist and therapist, and an ordained minister. He has served congregations in the midwest and taught at Elmherst College and the Indiana Institute of Technology, functioning as the head of the Department of Psychology, Chairman of the Division of Liberal Arts, and as President. He is the only living colleague of Dr. William Sadler (1875-1969), a prominent Chicago psychiatrist and debunker of psychic phenomena. Dr. Sprunger is a devoted Urantian, serving in numerous capacities including President of Urantia Brotherhood. He is author of many secondary works, including his book Spiritual Psychology (Jemenon, 1988). Dr. Sprunger is probably the most reliable source of first-hand information about the intriguing origin and history of the Urantia Papers. He is founder of The Spiritual Fellowship organization, and lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.